Effective Date: 8th June 2018

Last Updated: 6th Sept 2019

collection and use of your information.

(hereinafter referred to as CRYo SCIENCE).


The following rules explain what personal information is collected and how we may use it.

3)Purposes of personal data processing:

The basis for processing is the necessity to perform the contract;

c.Mairtaining the user account in the system -the legal basis for the processing of personal data is the consent of the data subject.

notified matter related to the business activity.

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1)When usirg our websites, ve inay ask you to provide us with thefllowing personalinformatior.name; sumane;email adrss telephone number region and county.

2)Providing personal datais ourtary butnot providing sch data may prevat the execton of otrtn sawies prowcded ty the vebiscso(ag .hadirgaofirqirsesrtftonthocotatram)

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b. Telephone contactfor purposes relatedto the seviceofthe contract athehotire -the ealeas tothe pocstigo rexonl da steamoxseyote prcegtoporxitarcsa和uy/p.o.

d.Telepghone contacin mattes other than cotracthindling or proison of saics tmelalbeasistetleagtime iterstoftheAdrtiraorfrcra (t(yod teR00l witinskesthtm rsto odalwt;

c.Maintaining the user account in the system-the legal basis for the processing of personal data is the consent of the data subject.

notified matter related to the business activity.

creating a network of contacts in connection with the conducted business activity.

legal security, we will be able to process them until any claims are time-barred.

6)lfyour consent is the basis for the processing of personal data,we will processit untilit is withdraiwn, which you can do at any time.

law to take precedence over the objection,or grounds for establishing, asserting or defending claims.

appropriate procedures and the security of your data.

protection of personal data.

may gain access to your personal data only to the extent necessary for this purpose.

12)Your personal data may be accessible only on the basis of the principles and in the cases provided for by the applicable law.

14) Iln order to use the services provided on the website of the service, a correctly configured Intenet browser is required.

of the following content:

a.which is of an unlawful nature,

c.which violates the interests of third parties, generally accepted social standards or which is incompatible with generally applicable law.

detection of persons committing criminal acts.

SP.ZO.0.with its registered office in Bielany Wroctawskie, ul. Logistyczna4,55-040 Kobierzyce.

19)we reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy.

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7)You have the rght to cortrol your personaldate procssed by us, incucing theright toacess your data coirecthen,rcqpesthrsup.amentaton.urdae,rsticationordelton.

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lIn case of violation of the law by the user, or when itis requred by law,ive may diclose your data to authorzed bodies and persons, incudingjuical authorities.

13)For security reasons,data about the lP adressofthe seviceuser re stored in the senver system logs.IPadrss alone doces notalow us to directyidsentiy the user.

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f.Direct marketing with the use of elecronic communication means-the legal basis for personal data processing is the consent of the data subject.

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